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5 Parties To Encourage Creativity

Sometimes, people attend parties to sit back, relax and converse. Othertimes, people are interested in expressing themselves creatively, and a party host can be a great person to encourage that! Whether for kids or adults, these party ideas can bring out the artist in all of us.

Paint and Sips

Paint and sips are popular enough today there are commercial businesses dedicated to them. These formal paint parties are held in art studios where all paint supplies are provided and an instructor walks participants through the creation of a piece of art. Food and drink (including alcohol) are either welcome or for sale.

If you’re looking for a night in, you can still throw your own event. People will probably be working on their own projects, unless someone wants to step forward and be an instructor. However you do it, painting is a relaxing way of occupying oneself while sharing in good food and conversation.

Ceramic Workshops

Some ceramic workshops offer sessions to the public during which participants craft something from clay or glaze an already made object. In either case, the finished project is thrown into a kiln and is available for pickup at a later date.

Glass Fusion

Similar to a ceramic workshop, some glass artisans allow people to create objects by cutting and layering pieces of glass which are then fired. Also like working with ceramics, these projects can appeal to both children and adults.

Stitch ‘n Bitch

The term stitch ‘n bitch has been around since at least World War II to describe a social gathering of knitters. Since then, some other craftsmen such as sewers have also taken up the term. No matter what your art form, it’s easy to gather creative friends for a casual day of working on personal projects while periodically grabbing a snack or a drink.

boys and girls decorating cupcakes at a kitchen counter during a baking workshop for kids

Baking Parties

Generally geared toward kids, baking parties teach a valuable skill while producing tasty treats to enjoy afterward. Cookies and cupcakes are good projects since they are easy to pack up and take home.

Baking parties need some preparation. You’ll need to have an idea what each child will be responsible for. Otherwise, some may end up being left out. Every task should also be appropriate for the assigned child. Finally, think of ways to control the chaos of this party so your kitchen does not become a complete disaster area by the end of the day.

It’s easy for creative passions to be swallowed up by the details of everyday life.  Encouraging it in a social setting, however, allows people to enjoy the company of others while also setting aside time to be artistic. However, people should never feel pressured to create a great work of art. These parties should focus on the moment, not the end result. No matter what your interest and level of skill, you can transform a creative hobby into a great social event.

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Painting some picture with paintbrush

Have Fun, Make Art: Enjoy a Paint and Sip Party

Looking for a night out but tired of your usual haunts? Ever wanted to learn to paint, but couldn’t get up the nerve? Now you can let out your inner artist through a paint and sip party, where you discover creativity goes great with a good bottle of wine.

Today, there are entire businesses dedicated to paint and sip parties, which represent one of the fastest growing segments of the entertainment market. Some are held in art studios, while others are special events at bars and restaurants. Search for them online, and you may be surprised how many are in your neighborhood.

Expert Instruction

Many people who attend these events haven’t picked up a paintbrush since grade school, yet they come home with a respectable work of art. Each painting event is led by a skilled instructor who walks you through every step. It’s very much like The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross, except without the happy trees. You follow along while support staff wander the crowd, providing additional guidance and answering questions.

stylized artwork of wine bottle and glassesThere’s no pressure to create a masterpiece. Designs are fairly basic so no one struggles with complicated techniques. The primary goal is to relax, let go of insecurities, and enjoy creating art no matter what your skill level.

Traditional art classes require participants to bring their own supplies, which gets expensive. Painting parties provide everything you need, including canvas, paint and brushes.

Enjoy a Glass at Your Paint and Sip

It’s easy to say you’re going to unwind, but it can be quite a bit more difficult to actually do so, particularly if you’re trying something for the first time. That’s why there’s the “sip” in “paint and sip.”

Some venues offer their own bar where wine, beer, and even food is available for purchase. Others encourage participants to bring their own food and drinks. No matter how it’s done, adding a little alcohol to the mix is part of the point. Lowering inhibitions helps you be less self-conscious, sit back, relax, and create something fun.

Private Parties vs. Public Events

Many studios offer private parties as well as public events. Don’t worry about disturbing strangers as you chat, laugh, and otherwise enjoy a cozy evening while enjoying the creative process with a glass or two of your favorite drink.

Paint and sip parties merge the worlds of art and alcohol into an enjoyable and relaxing night. Whether attending alone or with a group of friends, you’ll find these events nurturing an artistic side you might not know you had. Check out your nearest location, and see how much fun these events can be.