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Ensure the Force is Strong in Your Star Wars Party

Boy dressed as Darth Vader with red lightsaber

No movie series appeals to young and old alike as does Star Wars. Two full generations of Americans know what it’s like to watch these movies as children, making them both entertaining and nostalgic. As a party theme, it appeals equally to children and adults, and there’s lots of things you can do with it.


Star Wars costuming is great because it can be very simple or very complex. Several characters can easily be represented by DIY outfits, while more industrious fans can create really masterful pieces.  There’s also a ton of costumes for sale.

Of course, the accessory everyone wants is a lightsaber. There’s a ton of them on the market, some only a couple dollar apiece. You can even make creating them a party project: pool noodles and masking tape work well.

The drawback to lightsabers is that everyone, young and old, wants to hit something the moment they get their hands on one. If your climate is mild, send your partiers outside for epic lightsaber fights. If you’re hiding inside from the cold, however, it’s best if there just aren’t any lightsabers.

Kids dressed up for star wars


There is an unending number of quick food projects settings for a Star Wars party. Just a few include:

  • Using edible marker to turn marshmallows into stormtrooper helmets
  • Creating tie fighters by using icing to adhere marshmallows in between Oreo wafer cookies
  • Dropping a figure of Han Solo into a Jell-O mold, thereby encasing him in colorful carbonite
  • Dipping pretzel rods into candy melts or white chocolate dyed with food coloring to create edible lightsabers


What Star Wars party is complete without a Death Star? Transform paper lanterns into these terrifying constructions by spray painting them gray, then creating details by gluing on construction paper and drawing with markers. Or do the same thing with a round piñata and let people take swings at it with a wooden rod painted to look like a lightsaber.

If you’re going to print anything including type, get hold of a Star Wars font to give everything the feel of that iconic logo.

Of course, Star Wars is on everyone’s minds this month, but a Star Wars themed party can be held year round. Whether as part of a birthday party or just an excuse to get friends together, Star Wars is something that calls to the kid in all of us.

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