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How to Throw a Roaring Twenties Party

1920s themed party with men and women dancing

Party themes turn get-togethers into something more unique. One theme is the decade party: choose a time period and plan the party around its style. The 1920s has its own distinct draws. For one, it’s exotic. None of your guests remember that time, or even any time in its vicinity. Therefore, the roaring Twenties is something to play-act, rather than something to relive. Second, there is the allure of danger and disobedience. All of America was sneaking around for a drink while watching the rise of the gangster and organized crime, which developed during this time.

Finding the Right Music

Any decade party needs appropriate music. For the 1920s, that means jazz, which developed during this time. Speakeasies steadily grew throughout Prohibition, and they turned to jazz musicians to for entertainment.

Be Creative in Your Locale

Speakeasies sprang up in people’s basements and behind secret doors, so if you can throw it somewhere other than your living room, do it.

Play up the adventure of getting to the destination. Consider not giving out the locale until the day before. If it’s at your home, ask people to use the back door. Challenge guests for a password upon arrival.

Woman in flapper dress for the 1920s.Period Costumes

Encourage guests to come in some semblance of a costume. For men, that’s suits, preferably pinstriped and with a vest. Fedoras are an easy addition to a Roaring Twenties outfit. For women, the flapper dress is the most recognizable outfit, and they’re easy to find in costume shops and online stores. Feather and sequin headpieces, often on headbands, make a great addition, as do long necklaces and feather boas.

Choosing Décor

Anything labeled “art deco” will fit the time period.


The drink of choice during Prohibition was whiskey. If you want to get real authentic, go with Canadian Club, which Al Capone was well-known for smuggling.

But there’s no reason to drink it straight. The quality of Prohibition alcohol was often low: much if it was produced in backyard distilleries by people with no background in alcohol production. As such, a variety of cocktails developed to mask the poor taste of these products.

A little research can bring up an array of additional details you might want to add to your party. However you do it, keep in mind your party would have been illegal during your time period, and play to that reality. It’s a great way to keep that 1920s feel.

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