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Outdoor Parties: a Joy for Any Season

table set for lunch outdoors in beautiful sunny autumn park. charcoal grill and picnic basket with baguette bread, sandwich, fruit and vegetables. cooking for bbq and grill party in fall.

Spring and summer are the obvious times for outdoor parties, since the days are long and warm. However, you don’t have to pack up and head indoors just because the trees are changing color. Outdoor parties continue to have a lot of benefits over indoor ones, no matter what the season.

More People

There are only so many people you can comfortably fit inside your house, especially since people are going to be moving regularly to get food and drink or to start new conversations. Backyards, even modest ones, generally hold many more people.

Of course, it can get nippy in autumn, and the closer you get to winter, the more likely you’re going to encounter bad weather. But autumn parties can be held well into October, at least. Everyone just needs to remember to dress appropriately, which they need to do no matter what season it is. Sure, October is chilly, but remember when July was scorching!

Minimal Clean Up

Indoor parties require your house to be spotless with every object in its place. That level of meticulousness is unneeded when your guests are going to be outside.

Moreover, it’s much easier to clean up an outdoor party. Everything is likely disposable, so it can all be swept into trash bags. And if there have been spills, they are unlikely to cause damage, having simply hit the ground, a plastic table cloth or a picnic table which is used to such abuses.

Happy child having fun with autumn leaves

Separation of Kids and Adults

Kids are adorable, but you don’t need them hanging on you every second. Likewise, kids get bored if they have to hang out with grownups all day. Outdoor parties have the space to segregate kids from adults. Toys and games can be provided in one area to entertain children, leaving the adults to their own conversations.

Benefit of an Autumn Party: A Fire Pit

Fire pits are a wonderful addition to an autumn party that runs into the evening. They provide warmth and light, and food can be cooked over it. Kids, with supervision, often enjoy them, especially if they can cook hot dogs or make s’mores over them.

Remember Lighting in the Autumn!

The sun is setting earlier and earlier every fall day. In the summer, the northern American states see the sun until about 9pm. In October, it’s closer to 6pm.

Many homes have backyard floodlights for safety reasons, and these can certainly contribute to the lighting issue. However, the light is glaringly bright to anyone having to face it.

Consider stringing lights across the area. These can be attached to the house, trees, and poles erected for this purpose. This lighting is much more soft and even, setting the right tone while keeping things safe.

Just because we’re going into fall doesn’t mean we have to move indoors. Every season has its challenges. Consider what you have to work with to make sure your parties can extend well past the summer season.

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