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5 Ways to Host a Safe Halloween Party

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Halloween is one of the most fun holidays of the year, but that doesn’t mean we should let our guard down when it comes to safety. Keep these things in mind when planning a Halloween party.

Don’t Drive During Trick-or-Treat Hours

Ideally, host your party on a day other than Halloween. That allows parents to both take their kids trick-or-treating and attend your party. If they have to be on the same day, begin your party before trick-or-treaters come out in force, and have it end after all the kids have gone home.

Driving through a throng of kids is both dangerous and frustrating. Some kids get overly excited about the day and forget to stay out of the street even if they’re normally good about it. There’s also plenty of small kids who can be difficult to see. Finally, dark costumes can make children harder to spot as the sun goes down. Driving during this time is just a recipe for disaster.

Be Careful with Dry Ice

Dry ice creates a great spooky mist, but it’s also dangerous. Make sure it’s out of reach of children. If being used in a punch bowl, nest two bowls inside one another. The larger one holds the dry ice while the smaller holds the punch. Dry ice is not for ingestion or touching. It’s a chuck of frozen carbon dioxide, cooled to about 100 degrees below zero.

group of young people celebrating halloween party in costumes drinking beer

Keep Costumes Safe

Extravagant costumes can be gorgeous, but they also pose a lot of logistical problems. Urge people to avoid unwieldy costumes, including garments which can be tripped on, large costumes which can run into objects and break them, anything with a blade, billowing drapes of fabric which can catch on things or be ignited by candles, and so on.

If people are going to wear masks, ask for them to not put them on until they reach the party. Masks can significantly obscure vision, making it dangerous to drive and even to walk up to the porch.

Clear the Walkway of Obstructions

Lots of us decorate our lawns for Halloween, but make sure the walkway is given a wide berth. People will be negotiating it in costume and in the dark.

Use Artificial Candles

While real candles make a great touch at an elegant, non-costume party, they can be dangerous with a house full of people wearing awkward costumes. Not only might they ignite someone’s outfit, but a knocked over taper can burn carpet, curtains, furniture and more, leading to a potentially catastrophic fire.

Every party has its complications, and Halloween parties are no different. However, a bit of preparation and common sense can ensure you have a safe event on one of the most fun nights of the year.

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