6 Tips for Planning a Last-Minute Wedding

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Traditional weddings, even small ones, are planned out over many months. However, not everyone wants to wait. A speedy wedding might be a romantic gesture, or it can have a very practical purpose, such as getting the significant other onto a health insurance plan. No matter the reason, there’s plenty of things to keep in mind when you speed up the planning process.

Fall In Love with Digital Invitations

Paper invitations process slowly. Consider online services such as Invitecast to let people know about the event and keep in communication with them. Invitecast allows guests to instantly RSVP electronically, which means you can start giving guest counts to vendors such as caterers as soon as possible.

Consider a Less Formal Bridal Gown

Bridal gowns generally need to be ordered many months ahead of time. If you’re lucky enough to fit into a floor model (generally a size 10, which is closer to a size 8 in everyday clothes), bridal stores may have some on clearance. If you’re any other size, you’ll need to look for something less formal.

Any dress in white works well as a bridal dress, but don’t be afraid of looking at other colors as well. This is your big day. Wear what you want!

Give the Bridesmaids Leeway

Nothing says bridesmaids have to wear the same gown. In fact, that tradition is being defied even in large, traditional weddings. Give the bridesmaids a color, and let them pick out their own dresses.

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Remember Documentation

There’s nothing more important that the legal documentation that states you are, indeed, married. Getting a marriage license may require certified birth certificates, which take time to acquire. If you’ve been divorced, you’ll need paperwork proving that as well. No matter how rushed the wedding is, make sure the paperwork is in order in good time.

Find a Casual Location

Formal reception halls commonly book out many months in advance, so you’re probably going to have to settle for something less formal. Outdoor weddings are one solution. The answer can be as simple as your backyard or the backyard of a family or friend. A church (or other house of worship) basement might be available. Halls that rent out to less formal events are another possibility.

Do It Yourself

Weddings don’t have to be fancy. Turn dinner into a potluck, or forgo dinner entirely and just treat guests to hors d’oeuvres. Get sheet cakes from the grocery store. If you do cater, consider a casual buffet.

In lieu of flower arrangements, strew flower petals across the tables. This adds a hint of formality without the time and cost of formal arrangements.

Weddings can be planned on just about any timetable. However, options vary depending on the time available. If you’re wanting the wedding to be soon, you are not without options. You just need a bit of flexibility and a willingness to embrace more casual styles.

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