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5 Party Games for Children

Children at outdoor party playing tug o war.

A little planned entertainment can go a long way at a children’s party. Games encourage children to engage one another, whether they’re cooperating or competing. There are plenty of old standbys such as Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Hot Potato, and Musical Chairs, but the kids might be looking for something new, and you’ll be the hero of the party if you can provide it.

Scavenger Hunt

The great thing about scavenger hunts is that they are easily tailored to the age range of involved children. For small children, items should be fairly obvious and available on the premises. Older kids may be able to scour the neighborhood. Teenagers might be challenged with puzzles in order to identify the intended items.

Dress Up Relay

For Dress Up Relay, divide children into two teams and line them up. At the end of the relay course, place a collection of clothing big enough for all the children to wear. The first child in line runs to the clothes and puts all of them on over their own clothes. Then, they remove the clothes and run back to their line where the second child repeats the exercise. First team to have all players complete the task wins.

two group of kids playing with colorful hoops and throw them on cones while competing with each other during a summer children's party

Greetings, O Great One

It’s always a good idea to have some indoor games on hand, even if the party is planned to be outdoors. Weather is a fickle thing. Greetings, O Great One does not take up a lot of space and does not require children to run around.
Place one child in the center of a circle, blindfold them, and spin them around three times. Then, one by one, the other children say “Greetings O great one!” in a funny voice. The child in the center needs to guess who the speaker is. If the child guesses correctly, the child who spoke now goes to the center and another child in the circle repeats the phrase.

Team Balloon Pop

For Team Balloon Pop, divide everyone into two teams and line them up. On the other end of the game space, place enough blown up balloons so there’s enough for everyone. There should also be a chair for each team near the balloons. The first child in the line runs to the balloons, places one of them on the chair, and attempts to pop it without using their hands. Then, they run back to their team and the next person in line repeats the process.

Tell Me a Story

Tell Me a Story allows children to create their own collective story. The first child gives the first four words. The second child picks up where the first left off, adding four more words. This is continued until every child has had a certain number of turns.

Children can often entertain themselves, especially when there are distractions such as toys or a playground. However, organized games keep children on their toes even when other entertainment is limited or they have lost interest in it. Most games require little to no preparation and are light on the wallet, so you can make sure everyone at a children’s party has an enjoyable experience.

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