6 Party Games for Adults

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Socializing is a fine entertainment at any gathering, but sometimes you want to offer something slightly more organized to keep guests laughing. Of course, there are old standbys like Charades, Pictionary and even Karaoke, but there are plenty of other games you can also introduce to your friends.

Who Did What?

A great icebreaker game, Who Did What? requires each participant to write down three facts about themselves, each one on a separate piece of paper. Of course, the odder the facts, the more amusing the game is. All of the slips are shuffled and handed out randomly. Players take turns reading the slips they have received and guessing who each belongs to.

I Never

Hand everyone an equal number of toothpicks, pennies, or other tokens. Players take turns stating “I never….”, ending it with an action they’ve never done. Other players who have done it have to pay a token to the person who made the original statement. The goal is to come up with things you think many other players have done, while you yourself have not.

There’s a drinking game version of I Never as well, where people drinks instead of surrendering tokens. Depends on the kind of party you want to host.

The Continuing Novel

The Continuing Novel is great for creative types. The first player writes the beginning of a story six lines long. The paper is then folded to reveal only the last line. The next player adds six lines to the story, but only has the last line of the previous player to work from. Once it’s been passed around the room a designated number of times, the entire story is read out loud.

Two Truths and a Lie

Players take turns telling three facts about themselves. In truth, only two of the statements are correct. The third is made up. Everyone else has to guess which is the lie.

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Partners in Pen

Players are divided into teams of two, which sit back to back. A bag of random items is collected, and the first team member pulls one out and attempts to physically describe it without mentioning its name or what it is for. The second teammate draws what they think is being described. The team which correctly draws the most items wins.

Balloon Relay

The Balloon relay is something you’ll want to do outdoors. Divide guests into teams. The first player of a team  gets a balloon and a newspaper. They drive the balloon to the next player using only the wind currents generated by flapping the newspaper. When they reach the second player, they hand off the newspaper and the new player continues to move the balloon down the line to the next player. The last player should have an inanimate object as their target.

If the balloon touches the ground, a player or the newspaper, the team has to restart at the beginning.

These are, of course, just a taste of games which can be played at a party. They do not involve a lot of preparation and can be played by just about everyone. They don’t even have to be a firmly schedule event. Rather, you can pull them out if things appear to be slowing a bit. Having a few games in reserve is an easy way for party hosts to make sure their guests are entertained all day.

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