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Throwing a Successful Private Pool Party

girl floating on beach mattress and eating watermelon in the blue pool and pool party.

It’s the height of summer, which means lots of friends will appreciate an invitation to an afternoon in your pool. Even a low key party, however, needs a bit of planning. Consider the following to make sure your party doesn’t come up short.

Prepare the Pool

You already know there’s maintenance involved in keep a pool inviting. Start working on it a week in advance with a chlorine shock to make sure it’s crystal clean come party day.

Extra Towels

It should go without saying that guests need to bring their own towels. And, yet, they commonly don’t. Make sure you have extra towels on hand. Not only will it make your guests more comfortable, but it will also keep them from tracking chlorinated water all over your house.

Also, designate where used towels should go, so they don’t all end up piled on the bathroom floor.


Ideally, everyone would also bring their own sunscreen, but inevitably someone will forget or just not think it’s necessary. Let everyone know it’s available, and if you see someone turning red, point it out and offer the sunscreen again.

Waterproof Speakers

Electricity and water are gnerally a terrible mix. However, every party needs background music. Thankfully, there are wide variety of waterproof speakers, so you can safely crank up the tunes. Many of these speakers even float, so they can bob along with listeners inside the pool. They are connected by bluetooth to a device such as a PC or cell phone which provides the playlist. Waterproof cell phones are the ideal connection, since they can be safely handled near the pool by people with wet hands.

group of cheerful couples friends playing water volleyball at a pool party


Sitting in a pool can only remain entertaining for so long. Provide a couple entertaining amusements.. The options are nearly endless: floating ping pong tables, inflatable beer pong, noodle jousting, water volleyball and so on.

Drinks, Drinks and More Drinks

The presence of sweat is one of the cues which tell us we’re too hot. People can still sweat in a refreshing pool, but they never feel it. As such, it’s easy for people to get dehydrated after an afternoon of fun in the sun.

Make sure there are plenty of drinks available throughout the day, and give people a nudge if you think they haven’t drank anything in a while.

Non-Glass Drinking Vessels

Glass bottles and other drinking vessels are a terrible idea at a pool. With everyone barefoot, a single broken glass becomes a real safety hazard, and it’s even worse if the glass ends up in the pool.

Provide alternatives. Plastic cups are certainly acceptable, but there’s also options like silicone wine glasses which are both flexible and classy.

Light Refreshments

Food options should be on the light side, allowing people to eat a little or a lot as they choose. Heavy meals cause people to be sluggish and become more interested in a comfy poolside chair than the pool itself.

Pool parties can be pretty laid back affairs, but some basic preparation is still necessary. Also, to throw a really memorable party, a few extras like pool games go a very long way.

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