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Hosting a Nighttime Party

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Summer is the perfect time for outdoor parties. However, the heat can put a damper on festivities, and the sun is a real threat, especially to children and fair skinned friends. But if you start your festivities at night, after the heat has died down and the sun has set, you open yourself up for a whole new kind of fun and relaxing event.

Make It a Movie Night

It’s already dark. Why not transform the backyard into a movie theater? There’s plenty of online tutorials on how to make an easy and affordable movie screen. You will also need a projector. However, the prices of basic models have drop considerably over the years. You can pick up one at Wal-Mart for $50. Finally, don’t forget speakers.

Simplify Snacks

It doesn’t get dark until after 8pm in the summer, meaning it’s easy for guests to have already had dinner by the time they arrive. Make snacks simple. After all, lighting will be dim, and you don’t want them wondering what they’re about the eat. Also, unless you have a lot of artificial lighting, grilling will be difficult to say the least.

For a movie night, the obvious answer is popcorn. Bring it out in large bowls and let guests fill paper bowls or plastic cups to take back to their seats.

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Light it Up

A nighttime party requires lighting. It doesn’t, however, have to be boring. Glow sticks are a fun way of lighting the night, and you can do way more than just wear them around your neck. Bury a large glow stick in ice to light up the drink bucket. Place them in balloons and leave them around the area. You can even buy drinking glasses which light up either with disposable glow sticks or reusable LED lights.

Light bulb strings are another method of illumination. Their biggest drawback, however, is they need objects from which they can be draped or to be wrapped around. They also need to be plugged into an outlet.

Drive Away Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are a real problem for nighttime parties, and you absolutely have to be prepared for them. First, have a bug repellent station where people can apply bug spray. You’ll want to keep the station away from both food and areas where people are congregating.

Second, invest in citronella candles or similar products which drive bugs from the area. These products also do double duty as light sources. They come in everything from metal buckets to ceramic pots to tiki torches, so you have plenty of options to best fit the feel of your party.

Double-check Noise Ordinances

Most cities have laws limiting the noise a household can make after a certain time, usually between 10 and 11pm. Nighttime parties are not going to be raucous events. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. But curb music, shouting, shrieking kids and the like. And if you’re doing a movie night, don’t crank the speakers cranked.

Nighttime parties are a cool option to hot summer days. They also offer a variety of decorative options not available for afternoon get-togethers. Make the most of the night, and your event will be a party to remember.

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