5 Tips for Great Graduation Party

High school students on graduation day

It’s graduation season, and if your son or daughter is taking the leap from an institution of learning, you probably want to celebrate it. Whether it’s high school or college, the move is a major stepping stone in the grad’s life, and it’s worthy of a great celebration.

1. Don’t Go Overboard on Family

Your kid loves you, but graduation is about school, and the graduate is going to want to spend time with friends made during their time there. Family certainly needn’t be banned, don’t push aside the friends in order to fit in every second cousin once removed.

And don’t smother the graduate at the actual event. Give them and their friends space. For some, this may be the last time they see each other as everyone goes their separate ways, whether it be to college, grad school or a career in another city.

2. Create a Photo Booth

Set up an area where people can have photos shot. This might be the decorated corner of a room where people can take their own pictures, or perhaps someone good with a camera can volunteer to take snaps.

You can also rent a photobooth. These set up allow users to press a button and have a series of four photos snapped, which are then printed on the spot.

hispanic student and family celebrating graduation

3. Collect Memories

Offer up something that allows attendees to share memories with the graduate. A notebook with a fancy, formal cover works well. It could also be a drop box where people put notes or photos, or some sort of decorative feature where those same notes can be clipped.

4. Use School Colors

Parties always look more complete when they have a unifying theme, and often that theme is color. Use the school’s colors for balloons, plates, napkins, centerpieces, streamers and so on.

5. Make a Graduate Collage

To be clear, this party is all about the graduate, so include them in everything you can. Create a collage out of photos from the last four years of their life. You may want to shape the collage into letters or numbers such as the grad’s name (if it’s short), the year of graduation or even just the word grad.

No matter how you throw one, graduation parties are meant to be lighthearted and focused on the accomplishments of the graduate in question. Find clever ways of celebrating this milestone and you’ll make plenty of new memories for the grad to take with them.

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