The Value of Event Planners

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Pulling off a big event, whether it be a corporate gathering or a family wedding, can be exhaustive. One alternative is to hire an event planner. Event planners free up your time and let you get through the big day stress free.

The Downside: Cost

The big downside is cost. Some planners charge a percentage of the total event bill, as much as 20%. Others charge a fixed cost, which it may well be based on an estimated percentage. Adding an event planner will definitely put a dent in your budget, but it may also be more than worth it.

They Know What They’re Doing

Hiring an event planner isn’t just about getting someone to keep track of all the necessary things. It’s about hiring someone who knows what’s necessary in the first place. So you’re planning a wedding, and you have the church, the reception hall and the caterer. What about alcohol? That’s usually an entirely separate bill potentially provided by a completely separate company. An event planner knows this. Hiring a planner means you’re not going to show up for dinner and wonder where the beer is.

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Managing the Day

Event planning isn’t just about making arrangements beforehand. Event planners are also generally on site in case anything comes up, letting you be free to lead your meeting or celebrate your daughter’s marriage.

Providing Options

Not having enough options is a problem, but just as troublesome is having too many. You’re looking at twenty cake shops. Where do you start? You certainly don’t want to visit all of them.

Event planners are well versed in local options. You tell them what you’re looking for, and they can provide a helpful number of options without throwing the kitchen sink at you.

They may also know of some real gems you wouldn’t find on your own. Perhaps a certain shop carries the exact type of cake you want for a bargain price. You would have never found it, but your event planner has worked with them before and knows.

Planners also know who to avoid. A planner isn’t going to use a company which has repeatedly delivered poorly, as that reflects badly on the planner as well. Also, planners have standing arrangements with some companies which provide discounts. All of this adds up to you getting the best service for the least amount of money.

Do I Need a Planner?

There’s no rule of thumb concerning how big an event needs to be to warrant a planner. In the end, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, you should consider one. They can be pricey, but they can also save you money in dealing with suppliers. Mostly, however, they take over much of the burden of planning so you can get back to whatever is most important to you.

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