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Celebrating a Child’s Winter Birthday

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Summer birthdays practically plan themselves. Set the kids loose in the backyard and maybe hire some entertainment. For larger groups, there’s always the local park or swimming pool.

However, millions of children in the US have birthdays when snow is commonly on the ground. How do you let them celebrate the same way as their summer-born friends? It’s not as simple as bringing the party indoors: most households just can’t handle that many kids under one roof. There are, however, options.

Kid-friendly Restaurants

If the kids are small, any McDonald’s with a sizable PlayPlace can be a great birthday destination. It’s good for the chaperons too, as the kids are confined to a room with a self-explanatory jungle gym. McDonald’s offers party options which include a party host, cake and food. Prices are reasonable, and everyone gets a toy with their happy meal.

For the slightly older, there’s Chuck E. Cheese’s and similarly themed restaurants. Children have access to dozens of arcade games, so everyone can find exactly what they like best. The games do take tokens, but party packages provide a certain number of tokens per child. Packages also include soda and pizza.

happy child kids group have fun with art

Arts and Crafts Party

A growing number of artistic business allow customers to create their own pieces of art. Supplies are all included: clay, paint, kiln firing and so on. Kids can learn about the processes involved in the craft as well as take something home at the end of the day.

Some of these businesses even allow you to bring in food, so kids can eat some pizza and cake while they’re waiting forĀ  projects to dry.

Winter Activities

You may not be able to go swimming, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun outdoors in January! Sledding, ice skating and more are locally available at many parks.

joyful little girl playing on a trampoline.

Bouncing Locales

Check to see if you have some sort of bouncing establishment near you. These businesses provide fun activity through a variety of springy surfaces. Bouncy houses, trampolines and more can be available to let kids burn off energy without going outside.

Bowling and Roller Skating

Both bowling alleys and roller rinks provide an afternoon of entertainment as well as affordable food to feed your gaggle of partying children.


Some museums have special birthday party programs. Kids learn while being entertained, usually through interactive displays. Crafts, games and more are also provided.

There’s no reason a winter birthday needs to be glum. Look around your town for alternatives and you’ll probably find more exciting options than you were expecting.

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