An Argument for Online Invitations

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Invitations have long come in two forms: casual invitations offered verbally and formal printed invitations. But, like so many other things, party organization has been reinvented by the internet. Now there is a third option, and one that is increasingly popular: the electronic invitation.

The Reasons People Resist Online Invitations

People are resistant to change. Verbal invitations seem to work well enough for casual events, so why complicate it? And not using a traditional paper invite for a formal event may feel too laid back. But online invitations offer a lot of things other ones do not.

For one, they can keep track of the invites sent and responded to. That means you’re not going to forget who RSVPs and who you should follow up with to make sure they know they’re invited.

As far as not being formal enough, our culture is already following that trend. People aren’t expecting the same formality they were 20 years ago. Change is OK. Digital invitations save money which you can use to make your party an even bigger success.

The Benefits of Online Invite Services

Services like Invitecast offer a variety of options to help you in your party planning, including:

  • Custom fields which allow you to include all necessary information
  • A wide choice of background images to help make the invite feel more traditional
  • The ability to upload your own images for display on the invite
  • The ability to track selections made by invitees, such as meal preferences
  • The ability to sort the guest list by a number of different factors
  • The ability for you to include notes on every response

In addition, Invitecast allows individuals to be organized into groups which keeps, for example, a husband and wife from double RSVPing. It also allows parents to RSVP for a child, even if the parent is not invited.

There’s also the simple fact that people find email convenient. Many people would greatly prefer to click a couple buttons online than to fill out an RSVP card and walk it to the mailbox. That may sound like a trivial chore, but the fact is people are avoiding it more and more. This is a digital age.

While some people are still resistant to online invitations, many find them highly convenient. They offer many time-saving features which are simply impossible with conventional invites. Compiling responses is far easier with online invitations, saving you time and lessening the chances of something going wrong. It also saves money, which is a favorite of just about everyone. And they work for any event, from the small and casual to the large and formal. Consider how online invitations can help you plan your next gathering.

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