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Turn Pokemon Go Into a Great Party

sisters playing Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is already a phenomena. If your friends or kids have a love of the game, why not turn it into an enjoyable event?

First, you’ll need someplace worth playing. Some areas are loaded with Pokemon, others hardly at all. Good places are generally high traffic locations like downtown areas or locations of cultural significance. You can use PokeVision (when it’s running) to see how many creatures are spawning at a specific place. Then check it out in person. You may find Pokemon there are spread more or less far apart than they looked on-screen.

If this is for children, safety is an issue. Are the children old enough to not wander into the street while looking at their cell phones? Consider how much supervision these children will need in public and make arrangements with some of the other parents.

One drawback of Pokemon Go is it’s difficult to eat or drink while playing. At the very least, you should plan breaks where players can get drinks. You may also want to plan for a meal. This gives everyone time to recuperate and regain energy to keep playing. If it’s particularly hot out, it also gives everyone a respite from the heat.

Adults sometimes turn Pokemon parties into pub crawls. Players will wander the streets catching Pokemon and duck into bars for a drink. Besides merging two things many people love, there’s also a good possibility of meeting like-minded individuals. Just be safe about it. Pub crawls generally happen at night, and that offers complications. And public intoxication is a crime even if you are playing Pokemon.

Children playing Pokemon Go at a PokeStop
Group of smiling children posing at urban street with mobile devices

There are a few benefits of planning a group outing. One, people can coordinate to find more desirable Pokemon. Two, it’s a social outing like any other. Three, lures are amazing,

Free lures are rare, but you can buy them for less than a dollar. Drop one on a Pokestop, and Pokemon are attracted to the location for the next 30 minutes. It gets really fun if two or three Pokestops are close together, and you can drop lures on all of them. People just sit down, hang out, and gobble up Pokemon.

Active lures are visible in the game from some distance, so a great way of motivating people to keep moving is to keep dropping lures ahead of the group.

Critics have complained that Pokemon Go interferes with socialization. Instead, players obsess over a game on their phones. In fact, people can do both. Plenty of people, adults and children, play the game in groups, and there’s lots of goofing around in between Pokemon catches. It’s a hobby like any other, and lots of people plan parties around common interests. So why not Pokemon?

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