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3 Themes for Your Next Party for Adults

Women in Pink having Fun at a Party

Birthdays and weddings are obvious times for parties, but what if you want to throw one just because? Certainly, nothing stops you from inviting a group of friends and hanging out, but you can really add a festive mood by giving your party a theme.

Why? Themed parties get your guests involved. The more they plan for it, the more excited they get about it. Party themes also help you plan the event, suggesting activities, supplies, food and more.

1. Prom from Hell Party

For a Prom from Hell, I’d say you have to be a minimum of 10 years out of high school, preferably closer to 20. The whole point is that a) it’s a stroll down memory lane and b) your friends are going to dress tacky as hell, with a stress on option b.

If guys can find a terrible, out of fashion suit, great, but it’s the women who will have the most fun with this. If they still have their prom dress and can fit into it, great. Otherwise, they can go to a thrift store and buy the worst formal dress the can find. Trust me, they can be awful.

Pirate Costume for Party

2. Pirate Party

Did you know 42 countries have a political Pirate Party, just like the Republican Party and the Democratic Party? Me neither. But it’s a fascinating factoid.

But I digress. Ever since Pirates of the Carribean, pirates have been a cultural staple. Why not throw a party centered on them? Everyone can dress up with plastic swords, Renaissance Faire shirts, bandannas and more.

You can decorate the space with little chests filled with plastic trinkets and thrift store jewelry. You can have guests eat and drink from a variety of goblets, mugs and more, because it’s not like a pirate steals an entire matching set of place settings. And if you’re including alcohol, of course you’ll need rum!

Now, you may be asking: if there are pirate parties, can’t there be ninja parties? The problem with ninja parties is if your guests do it right, no one will see them.

Murder Mystery

3. Murder Mystery Party

Select a setting so your guests know what to dress for. Then, when everyone has arrived, announce there has been a murder most foul. Present a murder weapon. Leave clues throughout the party area. Select participants to deliver more clues. Present more information throughout the night, perhaps when certain objectives have been reached. At the end f the night, see if guests can correctly guess the villain.

Party supplies will be dictated by the fictional location of your murder mystery. Not sure where to set it? Take a look at the themes online party stores offer. There’s a phenomenal range of them.

Getting your guests involved with your party’s theme makes the night more memorable. Besides hanging out with good friends, they’ve had extra fun with a bit of make believe that made the evening truly special.

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