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5 Ways To Keep Your Pool Party Safe

Older Kids Jumping with Pool Toys

Summer is here, and what better way for the kids to enjoy the sun than with a pool party? But let’s keep everyone safe around the water. Here’s 5 ways to keep everyone safe at your next pool party.

1. Require Parent Attendance

Parents should not be dropping their children off at a pool party. Make it clear on the invitations that parent attendance in required. There is no way you can safely supervise numerous small children all at once.

For children who cannot swim, a parent needs to be with them in the pool at all times, even if they are supposed to remain in the shallow end where they can stand. It’s easy for a small child to slip and not be able to stand up once fully underwater. They can also easily wander into deeper water or be pushed by other children.

For parents of older children who can swim, it may be fine for them to lounge at the side of the pool and socialize. The just need to remember to keep an eye on their kid.

2. Designate a Lifeguard

Even with parents in attendance, it’s a good idea to have someone acting as lifeguard, watching the entire pool rather than being focused on a single kid. This should also be someone who is a strong swimmer who can perform a rescue if necessary.

3. Clear the Area of Non-Swimmers

Children should be kept well away from the pool area if they are not getting into or out of the pool. This avoids the potential for slip and falls. The area should also be kept free of toys, drinks and other objects which are tripping hazards.

Little kid at the pool in inflatable ring

4. Require Parent Permission to Get in the Water

It’s vitally important for children to approach the pool only when an adult knows they are going to be there. There may come a time when everyone expected to get out of the pool, such as for food. Children sneaking back to the pool without supervision creates a dangerous situation. This reinforces the need for parents to keep an eye on their children even when they are not expected to be in the pool.

5. Cover Pool Rules at the Beginning of the Party

Before anyone goes into the water, review all rules with the children. They can’t be expected to know them if no one tells them, and you shouldn’t presume they’ve been taught by other sources. Besides things already mentioned here, rules might include:

  • No running near the pool
  • No jumping into the pool, or only jumping in designated areas
  • No pushing people underwater
  • No pushing people into the pool
  • No drinks in or near the pool

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