Party Hard, Get Home Safe

Happy people with drinks in hand

In 2014, drunk driving killed almost 10,000 people in the United States. Many victims were innocent bystanders; over 1000 of them were children.  They might be in a car struck by the drunk driver, be pedestrians, or be passengers in the drunk driver’s car.

There’s lots of reasons why people get behind the wheel drunk.  Some don’t realize their own condition.  Others feel they have no other way home other than behind the wheel of their car.  Some think they’re only risking themselves.

Tired man with drinkThere are always options.  Taxis, for one.  In the era of smart phones, you can privately look up a local company without asking your host.  Hitching a ride with a friend is another possibility.  Simply waiting is also an option.  If you’re not sure if you’re drunk, give yourself another hour to see how you feel.  Don’t be fooled by claims that things like coffee will sober you up faster.  They don’t  The only thing that sobers you is time.

At worst, you may have to ask to crash in a spare bedroom or on a couch.  You might find that embarrassing, but it’s not nearly as embarrassing as a DUI, which can lead to a revoking of your license, thousands of dollars of legal fees, and even jail.

Providing Safety as Party Host

It’s an uncomfortable situation when a party host has to cut off a guest’s drinking or claim their car keys.  However, you owe it to your friends to keep them safe, even when you’re protecting them from their own poor decisions.

Alcoholic drink and car keysLuckily, more options are being made available, not just to drivers but also to event hosts.  UberEvents allows you to prepay for rides.  You hand out promotion codes to your guests, and you’re only charged for the number of rides redeemed.

At the very least, this allows you to easily provide a ride to someone past their limit.  And if you’ve given the promotion code ahead of time, your guest doesn’t have to make a show of getting assistance when it’s time to leave. He arranges his own ride, punches in the code, and goes.

UberEvents also allows you to pay for rides to the event, so your guests don’t have to fear leaving their vehicle behind if they use the Uber service later.

There’s nothing wrong with having – and providing – a good time.  But drunk driving is a national epidemic, and it’s absolutely preventable.  Do your part by being a responsible party host.  No matter how you do it, don’t let your guests become statistics by getting behind the wheel drunk.

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