Your Party Should be Yours

Little girl at pink themed birthday party

People’s first impression of an event often comes from the invite.  The colors, the designs, the fonts, everything works together to paint a picture of what guests should expect.  You can tell whether you’re being invited to a birthday, a wedding or a graduation before you actually read the invite.  But what if design could say more than that?

Birthday invite with lots of clip art
I think I remember receiving this card in 1982.

So I find myself an online invitation service.  I look under birthday parties, and I’m offered a handful of canned graphics of balloons and birthday cakes.  Take it or leave it, that’s what I get to work with.

I mean, that’ll do in a pinch, but this is the 21st century and the Internet.    With everything at my disposal, shouldn’t my invitation be more personal than a picture of balloons that has already been sent to represent a thousand other birthday parties?  Shouldn’t I be able to have more of a say?  Shouldn’t the invite represent my party, not just a party?

Invitecast agrees.  It gives me templates which I can totally customize.  Don’t like the background?  I can substitute another from right off my computer or the Internet.  I can also use a solid color.  If the template offers a featured image, I can replace that too.    You know, like maybe a picture of the person celebrating the birthday!

But it’s not just pictures.  I can change the font type and color and restyle the RSVP button.  I can even add music.  So, in just a couple minutes, I’ve made an invite that’s uniquely me.

An invite isn’t supposed to just be functional.  It should be an expression of yourself and crafted with family and friends in mind.  So don’t be told you have to make do with canned balloons and birthday cake.  There are online invites for the 21st century.

Bappy Birthday

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